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I love cinematic storytelling and the collaborative process that brings it to life. Technically speaking, my specialties are ADR, VO, and Foley recording, editing, and mixing; surround mixing (5.1); final mastering, (including M&E) soundtrack restoration, and sound design/supervision.

But helping to realize the soundscape of a film or video requires more than just the engineering expertise I’ve developed over nearly two decades in Hollywood, and the last over half-dozen years in Europe. Becoming quickly adept with new, fast-paced workflows and making everyone feel comfortable - creatively, technically, and personally - right from the start, are skills I draw upon just as much as technical.

From movie stars to non-professional talent, from directors exploring their vision to sound supervisors expanding a vision, I’ve had the good fortune to work with varied teams having different needs - for feature films, television, documentaries, animation, commercials, trailers and restoring the audio tracks of movie classics and TV shows.


This diversity and depth of experience and skills is the value I bring to every session and every client, both long-time and first-time.                    Good on-screen storytelling of any size or scale deserves (and needs) good sound. Please contact me to discuss how I can help your project.

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