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The website’s Gallery pictures many familiar faces in ADR studios, mixing stages, movie premiers and festivals, including Angelina Jolie, Jeremy Irons, Rebecca Fergusson, Jack Raynor, Tim Curry, Colm Feore, Mike Pena, Tom Berenger and Philip Winchester to name a few. Many others I’ve recorded or collaborated with - but with whom no pictures were taken - are VO luminaries like Andy Geller, Mark Elliott, Jim and Brian Cummings, and the late, legendary king of VO's, Don LaFontaine. I’m also proud to have worked with directors Neil Jordan, Jim Sheridan, Ridley Scott, Nick Murphy, Mustafa Kara, Drake Doremus, Peter Hegedus, Jo Kastner, Miklos Jancso, Zoltan Fule, Zsolt Bernath and A-List Supervising Sound Editors Kallis Samaris, Dale Sheldrake, and Oliver Tarney.

With Angelina Jolie (The Tourist)
With Vincent D'Onofrio
With Jack Reynor at Korda
With Tim Curry in Hollywood 2004
With Colm Feore
With John Lawton (Uriah Heep)
with Miklos Jancso
With Gangxsta Zollee
with Philip Winchester (Strike Back)
With Michael Pena (The Martian)
with Csaba Pindroch
with Lotte Verbeak
With Aksel Hennie (The Martian)
With the Europolis poster in Bucharest
with Aron Dimeny (Europolis)
with Marian Crisan (Morgen)
with the crew of Lady with long hair
with the crew of Shelter
with the Migration of Palamud sound crew
with Peter Hegedus (My America)
with Milauna Jackson&Kallis Samaris
with Zubin Varla (Strike Back)
Sarajevo Film Festival (2013)
With Gyorgy Cserhalmi (Oda az Igazsag)
with Armand Assante
with Vilmos Zsigmond
With the crew of Shanghai Belle
With Dorka Gryllus and Robert Pejo
on a Michele Muller ADR session
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