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Audio Post-Production
Budapest, Hungary

+36 (20) 456-9025

The core of my business is Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR) in English for productions and talent shooting in the Budapest area at one of the Hollywood-scale sound stage and back lot facilities here, including Korda Studios, where I am the principal audio engineer. I also work regularly in the Dolby-certified ADR/mixing stage at Colorfront Studios in central Budapest.
I worked for 20 years in audio post-production in Hollywood after growing up in Hungary, then came back here in 2008 and have been working here since,
 primarily with clients on English-speaking productions.

I urge you to click on my Projects page to see the level of production and supervisory people I’ve been involved with.
Talent availability, of course, drives the production scenarios for most of my work: either a large-scale feature or series is in town shooting at one of the facilities in the area and they have identified scenes that require ADR (and the talent is still in Budapest
shooting), or the talent for the ADR session is here in Budapest shooting when ADR material is required for a production they were previously involved with.
Covid protocols drove us all to develop innovative ways of working with remote supervision, and I find that the majority of session supervision is still, post-Covid, done remotely with these recently developed techniques fo
r high-quality real-time transmission of the session. We are ready either way—remote or in the room.
I also provide a wide range of audio post-production services for film, television, documentaries, online content, animation, trailers, and TV commercials in English and Hungarian.


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